Customised eyebrow corrections and eyelash services

Beauty Ways is a professional eyebrow and eyelash studio that is run by fully qualified and experienced staff.

We do high quality eyelash extensions and eyebrow corrections.


  • Coloured Eyelash Extensions

    1 December at 23:16 from atlas

    Coloured eyelash extensions are a very new trend. Coloured lashes can create ane style and a unique look to make your ...

  • Lash Lift + Semi-Permanent Mascara

    20 June at 22:59 from atlas

    Combine 2 treatments together to acheve more drammatic result. $110 (save $20)

  • Lash Lift

    20 June at 22:58 from atlas

    Perfect lifted longer natural lashes in minutes. The effect lasts up to 3 months. $85

  • Semi-Permanent mascara

    20 June at 22:55 from atlas

    We are first in town to offer you a newest treatment - semi-permanent mascara. This treatment is ideal for those ladies who preferes to ...

  • Our Referral Program

    17 September at 20:03 from atlas


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